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A.A. History Segments Project

A Proposed Four-Part Introduction to
the Christian History of Early Alcoholics Anonymous
for Use in Christian Recovery Work

By Dick B. and Ken B.
© 2009 Anonymous. All rights reserved

[Once adapted to the particular ministries and needs of Christian trainers and leaders in the recovery arena, the four-part introduction outlined below will be presented in our conference talks, audio blogs, DVD’s, pamphlets, and other presentations]

Introduction for Christian Trainers and Leaders, and for Those Still Suffering

Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Conference-approved literature can be a bridge between early Christian A.A. and the successful use of its "lessons learned" by Christian trainers and leaders in the recovery arena, and Christians and prospective Christians who are still suffering

Pre-A.A. Tributaries Which Affected the Shape of Early Akron A.A.

The Seven Pre-A.A. Christian Organizations and Leaders

            The Christian Religious Training and Experience of A.A.’s Founders

The Events Involving Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob, and the Founding of A.A. in 1935

            The Bill Wilson Events

The Dr. Bob Events

            The Recoveries and Meetings of the First Three Pioneers, and A.A.'s Founding

The Foundational Elements of the Original Akron Christian Fellowship Program

            14 Principles and Practices That Were “Musts” in the Pioneer Program

            The Frank Amos Severn-Point Summary of the Original Akron Program

            The Astonishing Success Rates among the Early A.A.'s "Last Gasp Cases"

The Biblical Roots of the Big Book and Twelve Steps

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