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International Christian Recovery Coalition

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Outreach Directors and Advisors
International Christian Recovery Coalition

Dick B.

*Robert T. Tucker, Ph.D., D. Min., Registered Addiction Specialist, President/CEO New Life Spirit Recovery, Inc.; President, Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute, Inc., Huntington Beach, California; Director of the Southern California Office of the International Christian Recovery Coalition

 *Bob Noonan, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapist, Radio Personality, Orange, California, Director of Activities

 *Walter Santos, Noted Percussionist and Christian Entertainer, Carlsbad, California, Director of Musical Outreach

 *Michael Belzman, Ph.D., D. Min, Calimesa, California, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Pastor, Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Inc., Director of Christian Counseling Outreach

 *David Powers, Leader of Rock Recovery Ministry, Soledad House, ABC Sober Living, San Diego, California, Director of San Diego and Sober Living Outreach

 *Greg Sipe, Program Director, Lifelines, The Crossing Church, Costa Mesa, California (confirmation and status pending)

 *Roger McDiarmid, Sales, His Place Fellowship Church, Huntington Beach, California, Director of Communications and Communications Funding Program

 *Tod Cunningham, Director of Marketing, Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, San Juan Capistrano, California, Director of Church Outreach

 *David Roman, Restaurant Proprietor, 12-Step Outreach, Sunset Beach, California, Director of Resources

 *Gary Seymour, Neighborhood Alcoholics for Christ, Neighborhood Church, Escondido, California, Director of Homeless Outreach

 Eric Mack, Lifelines, The Crossing Church, Costa Mesa, California (confirmation and status pending)

 *Andy Bales, CEO of Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles, Director of Rescue Mission outreach for Los Angeles Area

*Bob Bowling, Bible Ministries, Lakeside, California, Director of Publication Distributions for Southern California

 *Don McCoy, Real McCoy Enterprises, Lakeside Comm. Church of the Nazarene, Lakeside, California, Director of Christian Bridge Group Outreach for the San Diego, California Area

 *Dale Marsh, Lay Recovery Pastor, Church of the Nazarene, Oroville, California, Director of Christian Religious Outreach for Northern California

 *Dominic D., Turning Point Fellowship, Cornerstone Fellowship Church—Livermore Campus, Livermore, California, Director of Christian Recovery Outreach for Central California

 *Richard Skolnik, Counseling Intern, Nesconset, New York, Director of Transportation and of New York-Connecticut-Vermont Outreach

 Mark Galligan, Akronites, Businessman, Ontario, Canada, Director of Historical Collection Resources (confirmation and status pending)

*Steve Foreman, Businessman, Chief Shepherd, Came to Believe Retreats, Winter Park, Florida, Director of Retreats for Alcoholics and their Families Outreach

Brother Wayne White, Executive Director, Footprints/Alcoholics Victorious, Kansas City, Missouri, Co-Director, Bridge Organization Outreach (confirmation and status pending)

*Rev. Michael Liimatta, Consultant and fund raising expert with OneAccord; Education Director of City Vision College (offering accredited online training for Christians working with alcoholics and drug addicts and their families, including a degree completion program; a Bachelor of Science in Addiction Studies); Former Education Director Alcoholics Victorious, Kansas City, Missouri; Director, Bridge Organization and Rescue Mission Outreach

*Darvin Smith, M.D., American Society of Addiction Medicine, Co-director, Addictive Behavior Ministries of Youth With A Mission; Past President of International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition, Boulder, Colorado; Co-Director of International Christian Substance Abuse and Addiction Outreach

The Rev. Jay Geisler, Ph.D., Rector, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, McKeesport, Pennsylvania; Clergy Recovery Ministry Leader (confirmation and Status pending)

*Pastor Joe Furey, His Place Church, Huntington Beach, California, Director of Orange County Clergy Reach

*Rev. James Moody, Manna House Ministries, Jamestown, Tennessee; Director of Midwest Bridge Group Outreach

*Mel Schulstad, Colonel., U.S.A.F. (Ret.) CCD (NCAC II) Counselor;  Cofounder and Past President of National Association of Alcohol, Drug, and Addiction Counselors; Co-author of Beyond the Influence, Redmond Washington; Director of Addiction Counselor Outreach

*Scott  Craven, Leader, Men’s Step Groups, Honolulu Hawaii; Director of Men’s Christian Recovery Outreach, State of Hawaii

*Charles P. Mau, M.R.E., (Fuller Theological Seminary), Retired Teacher and Coach; President of Wyoming Pacific Oil Company, Manhattan Beach, California; Director of Christian Religious Education Outreach and Charitable Funding Resources

*Monty Meyer,, Albany, Oregon; International Director of Radio Outreach

*Paul and Eileen Doyle, Retreats for AAs and Their Families, Buckfast Abbey, Plymouth, United Kingdom; Co-Directors of United Kingdom Outreach

Pauline Bartosch, Cofounder of Overcomers Outreach, Inc., Whittier, California (confirmation and status pending)

*Ray G., Archivist (ret.), Dr. Bob’s Home of Akron, Ohio; Seminole, Florida and Newton Falls, Ohio (confirmation and status pending)

Bonnie Lepper, Managing Director of the Wilson House, East Dorset, Vermont; (confirmation and status pending)

*Chaplain Jim Gantner Atlantic City Rescue Mission, Atlantic City New Jersey, Director of Rescue Mission Outreach on the Atlantic Coast 

Rev. Thecla St. Romain, Secretary, Community Care Ministry, The Lafayette Salvation Army, Lafayette, Louisiana (confirmation and status pending)

*Robert P. Turner, M.D., M.S.C.R., Associate Professor of Neurosciences, Pediatrics, and Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, & Epidemiology, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina; International Medical Research Advisor

*Brian Hughes, The Recovery Bible Study, Media Leader, Florida; Director of Florida Bible Study Outreach

John Sorrells, Leader, The James Club, Norco, California (confirmation and status pending)

*Larry D. Webb, Men’s Good Book-Big Book Group, Laguna Beach, California; Director of Men’s Big Book Good Book Groups Outreach

Rev. Glenn C. Miller, C.P.A.C., Solid Rock Christian Recovery Center, St. Petersburg, Florida (confirmation and status pending)

*Jens Christy, Associate Pastor/Recovery, Care @ Capo Beach Calvary, Capistrano Beach, California; Director of Recovery Pastor Outreach in South Orange County

*Jason Day, “Coast to Coast benefit for Homeless and Christian Recovery,” Save Life, Jacksonville Beach, Florida; National Director for Homeless Outreach

*Anne Laidlaw, BA psychology, Shiloh Ministries, Member, New Zealand Assn of Counselors; Author, Kick Addiction, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand; Director of New Zealand Outreach.

*Jean La Cour, Ph.D., President of NET Training Institute, Orlando, Florida; President International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition; Show Host “Prevailing Wins in Recovery” on the Women’s Information Network; Co-Director of International Substance Abuse and Addiction Outreach

*Those listed above with an * are confirmed. Others have long been supporters, have been invited to serve, and will be added, if they desire and are able to communicate affirmatively.

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